Would You Like to Own a Boutique Results-Focused Fitness Facility?  BECOME A pioneer And have Your own S&P FACILITY.
It’s Never Been Easier To Own and Operate Your Own Results Focussed Fitness Facility That is Highly Profitable And Contributes To Your Local Market.

Would You Like to Use the Model, Systems and Marketing of a Highly-Successful Fitness Facility and Have a Brand That Members Love?
"Your Invitation to Have Your Own ‘Strength & Performance’ Franchise"
Over the past three years, we’ve developed and built a boutique fitness facility that is unlike
anything else in the marketplace. 

This highly profitable group training model priorities results and builds a thriving community
of long-lasing loyal members that become raving fans.

Best of all, unlike most facilities, this model has been built from the ground-up, meaning that we’ve developed the systems and processes that allow us to run and grow our facility in a “hands off” manner.

For the first time, we’ve decided to start franchising our proven model and working with facility owners around the UK to help them take our ‘S&P’ brand and business model, implement it into their facility and build their own profitable business.

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The culture and community sets an S&P Gym apart from anything that exists in the market today. We are so far away from your traditional boot camp style facility or personal training studio. Everything we do is conducted in a group training setting. It is this element that provides members with unshakable group support, which ultimately keeps them accountable and helps them to keep pushing towards their goals, and getting incredible results.

The S&P Gym is not just somewhere you come to train. It’s a place where members can leave the stresses and strains of daily life at home. Once you step through the doors you are welcomed like family by coaches and members alike. There is a huge social side to what we do, and some members make new friendships, which last for life. We’re all about high fives and fist pumps at S&P. Members can expect to be invited out on social night outs for ribs and beer, or wine and pizza. 

We understand that getting real sustainable results is as much about changing people’s mindset as it is about changing their nutrition and training. This is a key area of our philosophy, and we have simple systems and processes in place which we implement on a daily basis.

The S&P onboarding process provides a seemless integration for our members, which makes them feel instantly relaxed and welcomed into the community. For most people, trying something different and new can be a daunting prospect. Our ability to integrate members at a high level means we keep our members happy, and around for longer, meaning they get better results in the long term. 

The letters ‘S’ & ‘P’ stand for Strength & Performance. The brand was built on these two pillars, and the ethos and message runs through everything we do. 

Our brand message says that everyone has a better version of themselves, waiting to be unleashed on the World. Better health, Better Fitness, Better mindset, Better relationships, Better spiritual connection… S&P is all about creating the very best version of our members lives, no matter what their current reality.

We are in the business of helping people get real transformations, no matter of their current circumstances. From complete beginners to advanced professionals, our ethos and community caters to all. We promote hard work, dedication, and most importantly support from peers. Our message is consistent throughout all our marketing and promotion so that everyone in our area knows we stand for quality, professionalism and results.

All of our products and assets, from our brand name, logo, social media strategies, support groups, the tone of our messages, tagline(s), down to the typefaces we use, work in harmony with each other to deliver consistent and congruent branding and messaging across the board.

S&P is a unique boutique group training facility.

The difference is we focus on three key things that are completely different to rest of the fitness industry

1. Community

Our marketing, our sales process and our retention is entirely based on building a community of raving fans – our members proudly wear our gym clothing, they tell everybody about us and they’re proud to be part of our community.

It’s a bit like Tough Mudder - people love associating themselves with us and sharing it for all to see.

2. Profit

Although fitness facility owners love to tell you that they’re not in it for the money, we know this isn’t true. At the end of the day, this is a business that is aimed at supporting your lifestyle.

Our key focus is on being a highly profitable model and leveraging our skill-set to build a business that pays highly and doesn’t rely entirely on the business owner.

3. Sophisticated Marketing Strategies

Whereas everybody else shouts crap and posts offers on Facebook – we have a series of proven advanced marketing strategies that allow us to bring members in at will.

From cutting-edge Facebook advertising strategies to outbound direct mail campaigns – we run marketing campaigns that work.

Our model gets our customers incredible results, it builds a massive local brand presence and it drives profits that aren’t reliant on one person working themselves crazy.
The S&P Training System is a results focused, holistic approach, which is designed to achieve a well balanced body and mind. 
The aim is to not only build a better body, but to create a body that our members can be truly proud of, and to become the very best version of themselves.

We use a mixture of tools inside the gym to achieve this, including Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Bodyweight Training, Battle Ropes, Sandbags, and pushing/pulling Sleds.

Our philosophy is that anyone can train at an S&P gym. No one should be excluded for lack of fitness or ability. Our methods work on anyone from complete novices, who may never have set foot inside a gym before, to advanced lifters.

Everything we do is specifically designed to solve our members problems. On that basis, The S&P Training System is very simply divided into two main areas:
S&P FIT Team Training Program (mixed)
This is our larger group training program, which is primarily focussed on getting our members fitter, stronger and helping them to shift body fat. These are highly metabolic sessions meaning they increase the capacity to burn fat exponentially. We focus on the exercises that are proven to help melt unwanted fat, blow torch stubborn fatty areas, and improve cardiovascular endurance without the need for traditional boring forms of cardio.
S&P Signature Strong Programs (male & female groups)
This is a Strength and Conditioning program for men and women to get a stronger, leaner, more athletic physique. The primary focus is to accelerate results of those who are close to a specific goal. We help our members get more comfortable around lifting weights, and educate them how to lift correctly by focussing on the four main power building exercises: Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Bench Press. 

This program blends the best of strength training and conditioning protocols in a powerful training program that revolutionises how our members look and feel, as well as showing them significant gains in overall strength, while improving flexibility and mobility.

This is a Strength and Conditioning program for men and women to get a stronger, leaner, more athletic physique. The primary focus is to accelerate results of those who are close to a specific goal. 
We help our members get more comfortable around lifting weights. 

As far as nutrition goes, we try to keep things as simple as possible. Our nutrition system focuses on the basics of a healthy, balanced diet so that we can help our members accelerate their results in the gym.

We believe macros certainly have a time and a place in a detailed nutritional plan, but in reality, most people don’t even need that level of understanding to achieve results, and too much information often leads to confusion and a lack of results. 

For the majority of our members, the primary goal here is simply to educate on the basics, and how to instil them as habits in their busy lives in order to achieve sustainable long term results. Once this is reached we can then add in the more technical parts of the puzzle on a more individual basis. 

We promote the importance of consistency, and therefore the education is key. 

Is there a setup fee for coming onboard?
There is an upfront fee for gaining access to all the S&P systems - but nothing like McDonalds that charges £100,000's!

Can I keep my old brand?
No, when taking on an S&P Business, we expect you to fly the full S&P colours.

Are there an royalty payments?
Only a flat fee per month. There are no other fees.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. (printing and crm and booking softwares are not included in the package)

Is my location protected?
Yes, unlike other franchises, we give you exclusivity on a radius of your location. Typically 7 mile radius (for bigger cities, like London, 3 miles) 

What are the facility requirements?
We require you to have at least 1,000sq feet of space to leverage the group training model.

Can I just run P.T Sessions?
No, the primary S&P model is leveraging a one-to-many per hour model. That means there is profit in sizeable groups and one-to-one does not allow the same advantages. P.T can be offered on the side as an upsell.

What if I don’t get any members?
The model has been proven, we have a track record of success with this exact model, consulting for other facilities, so we know for a fact it works.

Can I use my own training methods?
The philosophy and structure we’ve developed over the years has been proven to work incredibly well in a group training scenario. We allow for adjustments within the phases, ultimately the S&P identity goes hand in hand with Strength and Conditioning principles, we would like you to get onboard with it.

It sounds too easy… Why not just do it myself?
Sadly there is a reason why the turnover in fitness businesses are so HIGH and why so many FitPros fail. We’re looking for people who want acceleration in their journey to the top, if you want to learn through sacrifice ie. time and money. Then this is probably not for you.

Who does the sales calls? Can you help with this?
Every franchisee will have to do their own sales calls. We provide in depth training on this subject - but also show you how to recruit staff to do your calls for you. Alternatively, for an additional fee, we can have our team, who have done more than 800 sales in the past 2 years - do them for you.

Do we have to buy the merchandise?
No, we have a central website owned by S&P that distributes the merchandise.

How do our members buy the merchandise?
They can order through the central website.

What do I get for my franchise fee?
The fee can be divided into two parts, Initial Onboarding Fee and Monthly Fee.You get access to our website, our design guy will sort fb and website

  • Space: Have atleast 1,500 square feet of useable gym space.
  • Location: Each location will be judged based on it's own merits such as: local population, ease to get to, layout, competition, past efforts and revenue
  • You: A big part of a succesful S&P facility is the passion and character of it's owner. 
We're not looking for cowboys or dullards.

You need to be able to follow our guidance in terms of systems and processes that are proven to work. The reason most members comes back every month won't be just purely on the results you generate for them, but how you treat them daily.

We're looking for guys who are passionate about coaching people, but who might have gotten stuck and frustrated with the whole growth of the business or realised that it isn't as easy as just putting out an "A" board in the street and getting clients.

We want people who want to align themselves with a great brand, and if you are a loner, do-it-yourself kind a person, this won't be for you.

We want Ride-or-die mofo's who can spend time with and continually guide towards their goals.
  • Onboarding Fee: There is a once off onboarding fee which will be discussed with you should you be a great fit.
  • Rent: If you don't already have a facility, then this will be probably the most difficult task - you'll need at least 3 months rent for a facility. 
  • Advertising costs: You'll need the first three months of advertising capital - advertising is one of the most profitable investments you can make and therefor your growth will be limited to how much you can put down. We suggest £1,000 per month.
  •  Equipment: The S&P Model focusses heavily on service. So no expensive equipment is required. It is one of the best things of having a S&P facility is that the people make the place, not the kit. For under £10k and within 7 days you can have your facility kitted out to the nines.
Start-up costs can be as little as under £10,000 for UK based facilities. Which is not much considering the model is profitable within 3-6 months of launch.
REgister your interest in becoming a franchisee and having your own S&P FACILITY.
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